The Top Physical Therapy Accounts to Follow on Instagram in 2020

Movement Guides’s Top Physical Therapy Instagram Accounts to Follow in 2020

Instagram is a great place to keep up to date with anything fitness and health related. As a company that focuses on teaching movement and helping people live a higher quality of life we are constantly on the hunt to learn from the best and brightest. Last year our two posts about the top 5 Physical Therapy and Strength Coach Instagram accounts were a hit world wide. They continue to be read by people from Malaysia to South Dakota on a daily basis, so if you have not given them a read you should do so. The accounts listed in last year’s posts continue to among the best on Instagram. Last year we had 5, this year we give you 4 more of the top Physical Therapy accounts on Instagram.

As a company comprised of professionals in the human performance, education and physical therapy worlds we can easily spot nonsense being put out by most PT’s, Coaches and trainers on IG. However, there are some really excellent minds putting out information that anyone in and around these fields should be aware of.

 As with last year’s list, here are a few things we took into consideration:

  • We put a ton of weight into actual experience in the field through both practice and research
  • Our list definitely has a sports medicine and sports performance bend to it. Physical therapy is a very broad field but both our followers and us (Movement Guides) are very interested in performance and fitness so our list reflects that.
  • We do not care much about how many followers someone has and no points are given for posting crazy, random exercises that no one is going to do.
  • These accounts are not ranked higher than our choices for 2019. We just want to continue to expose our readers to new accounts, vetted and curated by us, for top notch quality. So, each year we pick different accounts.

This list is not a ranking of best to worst, just our top four. So, without further adieu, here is the Movement Guides Top Physical Therapy Accounts to Follow in 2020:

  1. Strength Coach Therapy: Dr. Teddy Willsey has quickly become a favorite follow of mine. His mix of exercises to address specific issues along with thoughtful quotes makes for constant, thought provoking content. His depth and breadth of knowledge for every movement shown makes it obvious that Dr. Willsey practices what he preaches. This is important because many on Instagram will show you a movement or exercise that might look interesting but that no one is actually going to do. because its fluffy nonsense. Another bonus is the consistency in his post’s format so it’s easy to know exactly what you are being shown and looking at. The only con…perhaps the music at times. Be sure to check out Teddy at
  2. Bobby Sports PT: Dr. Bobby Esbrandt is the owner of Impact Sports Physical Therapy in Maryland. His Instagram feed will catch your eye immediately for a few reasons. 1. He treats and trains some incredible athletes from a broad spectrum of sports. You will see elite level abilities, especially in the plyometric power realm, being demonstrated by his clients. 2. He uses minimal equipment but still incredible variety in his loading, tempos, and sequences. As with all good IG feeds you will watch Dr. Esbrandt’s content and think to yourself, “why didnt I think of that?!”. 3. His use of monster bands in his programming and rehab is the most creative (in a good way) that I’ve come across. So, if you work with explosive athletes of any sort go ahead and give Bobby Sports PT a follow and get ready to hit “save” on just about every post.
  3. Rehab Science: Dr. Tom Walters is based in southern California and has an impressive professional resume. It nice to see when someone who has gone through the grind of obtaining board certification, fellowship training and also extensive time in the field get a large social medial following. This is not the norm. Many of the PT’s and coaches you likely follow on Instagram have probably been in the field only a couple of years, yet they claim or have followings that would suggest they are experts. Dr. Walters is a true expert and thankfully he is able to express his knowledge and experience very effectively through Instagram. His posts address a wide variety of physical therapy and training topics and he also does a great job of curating content from others in the field. I especially appreciate his command and understanding landing mechanics. For wide ranging insight into all things orthopedic therapy related check out Rehab Science.
  4. MoveU: Okay, so Dr. Mike of MoveU is not a physical therapist but his feed has to be on my list. Dr. Mike Wasilisin is a chiropractor and his shirtless side kick is Andrew Dettelback. Together they easily have the most entertaining and hilarious Instagram account when it comes to movement, health and treatment related content. But don’t let the abs and jokes distract you. Their content is always on point. I have never watched one of their posts and disagreed with what they were preaching. Listen closely and try to implement their advice. I mean their tagline is currently “Fix yo shit and live free from pain” so at the very least give a watch to get a laugh. They already have over a million followers so if you are living in a hole and not following yet please do so.

I hope you take a few minutes to check out each of our top physical therapy accounts to follow on instagram. We are very picky about our selection so you will only find great material in these feeds. Hey, while you’re at it take a look at our Instagram feed ( and give it a follow as we try to put out some valuable content to. While you’re here, check out our newest article the Top Strength Coaches to follow in 2020. Get notified of all of our posts by subscribing to our blog in the upper right corner of this page. Let us know your thought and if you have any recommendations for next year’s list, speak up!

Have a great 2020 everyone!


Kyle Sela, PT, DPT, OCS, SCS


Movement Guides, Inc.

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Kyle Sela, PT, DPT, OCS, SCS, CSCS

Kyle is a physical therapist who is a board certified specialist in sports and orthopedics. He completed a sports medicine fellowship at Duke University in the Management of Division I Athletes and served as a physical therapist on active duty in the US Army where he cared for a Brigade Combat Team during a deployment to Iraq. His passion is in movement efficiency and maximizing every patient's potential to live life to the highest quality. The SquatGuideâ„¢ reflects years of experience teaching people to squat with great form and efficiency so that they may benefit from this great exercise.

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