Struggle with tightness and pain in your neck, shoulders and hips?

The T-Dot Mobility System:

Pain Free Muscles

The T-Dot Mobility System includes simple to follow protocols to end neck, shoulder and hip pain pain. Watch how your posture improves after each use!

Injury Prevention

Using the T-Dot Mobility System as a proactive tool is the smartest path to sustaining joint health and performance. Improving shoulder and hip motion can protect those joints as well as the spine, elbows and knees. 

Optimal Performance

Healthy shoulders and hips lead to high performance in your sports and workouts. Use the T-Dot Mobility System to beforehand to increase speed, power and strength.

Teaching the Squat to Taylor Dilk using the SquatGuide

Instructing the Squat and Lunge has never been more effective

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  • Teach your patients, clients and athletes to squat and lunge with correct form in minutes
  • Eliminate the need to repeat your verbal coaching cues
  • Become a better coach by placing your clients / athletes in anatomically correct positions every time through feedback they can actually feel
  • Blocks undesired faulty movement
  • Facilitates desired patterns and positions