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Everyone needs to move efficiently.   Movement Guides products teach people who want &/or need to improve their movement(s) how to:


Move. Like. This.

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The Movement Guides Team

We design, build/manufacture, sell human movement efficiency improvement products to medical, fitness, industry wellness markets to and educate our customers regarding injury prevention, athletic development and fitness.

Movement Guides uses inspiration from personal and industry leaders’ ‘front line’ experience in the fields of sports medicine & elite athletic performance training coupled with medically proven, researched based design to innovate, test, build and bring to market movement improvement products. 

Our Story

The Inspiration Behind The Company

As my physical therapy career was progressing, I continually noticed a common issue. Just about every patient I worked with could not squat with very good form, and the flaws that I saw in this movement pattern were just about the same in everyone. I soon found a really effective way to cue people into the correct position with my hands, but a few problems still existed with this method. I knew there was a way to create a device that could replace my hands but I didn’t have the means or connections to take that idea anywhere.

From Idea to Reality

When we moved to Eagle, I was looking for the best strength coach in the Treasure Valley to send my younger athlete patients to when they finished rehab. I came across Matt Wattles, who owns Competitive Edge Athletic Performance Center in Meridian, and I was immediately impressed with his knowledge and training methods. As we began to work together developing young athletes, I also learned that a friend of his, Darin Lawley, had fabricated most of Matt’s equipment. Matt set up a meeting, and Darin said he could have a prototype done in a few weeks. I could not believe my eyes when I walked into the gym and saw the SquatGuide for the first time. Soon after that, Movement Guides, Inc. was born.

The SquatGuide is Born

We design with the intention of improving how people move. Yes, we want people to improve their strength but before loading up any type of movement or performing many reps even with just your body weight, we think you should move correctly. This will prevent well-intentioned exercises and fitness programs from turning injurious. The SquatGuide is your strength coach or therapist when those people are not around to coach you themselves. It requires that you move and control your own body and thereby improves functional and core strength. It only assists you by letting you know if you are or are not in correct position with tactile cues. We all need different stance widths and amounts of toe-out to squat effectively, and the SquatGuide can adjust to meet those differences without losing any effectiveness.”

The T-Dot Mobility System will Revolutionize Soft Tissue Management

The T-Dot Mobility System is our newest product, and it improves movement in a different fashion than SquatGuide. We feel that T-Dot is the most effective and versatile self-directed soft-tissue mobilization product on the market. It allows people to identify areas of soft tissue restriction (often called trigger points), apply pressure, and then stretch that tissue under pressure with movement. T-Dot is adjustable by height, angle, and distance from the wall so you can target any area on the body, which provides a massive advantage to other products on the market.  -- Kyle Sela (President & Co-Owner)

The Team

Our Knowledge, Expertise and Practical Experience is What Makes Us Different!


Kyle Sela, PT, DPT, SCS, OCS

Founder / Co-Owner
Kyle is a physical therapist and board certified specialist in both sports and orthopedics. He completed a sports medicine fellowship at Duke University in the Management of Division I Athletes. He served as a physical therapist on active duty in the US Army where he cared for a Brigade Combat Team during a deployment to Iraq. His passion is in movement efficiency and maximizing everyone's potential to live life to the highest quality. Kyle is often sought after by high level athletes for strength and conditioning. He was the physical therapist and strength coach for cyclist Kristin Armstrong in the year leading up to her winning her 3rd gold medal at the Rio Olympic Games.

Matt Wattles, MS, Pn1

Founder / Co-Owner
Matt is a Strength & Conditioning Coach and owner of Competitive Edge - Athletic Performance Center in Meridian, ID. He has a M.S. in Exercise Science and over 25 years experience in strength and conditioning and nutrition as both an athlete and coach/trainer. Matt is a Past President of the American Society of Exercise Physiologist (ASEP), has published numerous articles in professional and research journals and been an invited presenter at national conferences throughout the country. He has founded two companies and owns 2 exercise and rehabilitation Patents. As a Strength coach, Matt has helped hundreds of athletes earn college scholarships as well as having worked with numerous professional and world class strength athletes.

Darin Lawley

Founder / Co-Owner
Darin is the teams Product Development Coordinator and Master Fabricator.

Jay George, Ph.D.

Jay has more than 25 years of experience leading Human Resources and Operations to build successful enterprises. Jay has founded two successful companies and was a core growth team member at PowerBar, Inc., a global manufacturer of energy bars and nutritional foods with $150M in sales which was sold to Nestle S.A. Jay has been the leader of Boise State’s New Product Development Lab, the Director of Programs for the College of Innovation + Design and V.P./CLO for the Treasure Valley Family YMCA. Jay has led state and national initiatives to educate businesses in the process of accelerated innovation methods including Design Thinking and Innovation Engineering. Jay coaches leaders and teams to optimal performance.

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