Utilizing the T-Dot Mobility System in the Athletic Training Room


Dear athletic trainer:

We know the athletic training room can be hectic.   You have the responsibility of taking care of several athletes at a time and many times the demand is greater than the supply.  It can be stressful and frustrating at times when you feel like you cannot provide treatment that needs to be given.
We have good news for you – the T-Dot Mobility System was originally designed for you.  It can serve as an extra hand when an athlete is in need of a stretch or getting loosened up before or after practice.  After showing an athlete how to use the system and getting them on an appropriate program, it will allow them to get the treatment they desire and allow you to get to higher priority cases.  We realize your hands can get tired and sore when performing several manual treatments day after day, so the T-Dot can be used to lighten the load and save you and your athletes’ time.  Our protocols are 2-5 minutes in length and early outcomes are showing greater improvements than static stretching.

Are you concerned about space or wondering where you would put another piece of equipment?  The T-Dot Mobility System is designed to take up nearly no space when stored.  Its design allows it to be mounted to a wall and the arm will rest parallel to the track.  Even when it is being used, three feet is all is needed to create room to incorporate movement with the stretch.  Its versatility is unique as it can be applied to any segment of the body, so all teams could benefit especially those who are continually loading the shoulders or taxing the hips.

We realize that the summer time is when most of you will be deciding what items to purchase and how to stay within the budget for the upcoming school year or season.  With this in mind, we wanted to bring you a quality product at a reasonable price.  We are offering discounted pre-production sale over the next four weeks.  The earlier you order, the bigger the discount.      

Please stay posted as we are currently working on a portable version of the T-Dot Mobility System that would fit well in your med kit.  Then, your athletes will no longer be limited to using it in the athletic training room, but they can use it on-site immediately before and after competition.

To learn more about the T-Dot Mobility System, check it out in the store on our website along with our social media pages.  Thanks for taking the time to learn more about our new product.


Movement Guides, Inc. Team  

Brett Burton PT, DPT, SCS, ATC, CSCS

Brett is a performance physical therapist at EXOS in Phoenix, AZ. He has a passion for human performance, helping people get out of pain, and improving movement efficiency. He completed his athletic training and physical therapy education at the University of Nebraska. He joined Movement Guides in 2015 while he was completing a physical therapy residency program in Idaho and shortly after joining the team, the T-Dot Mobility System was established.

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