T-Dot: Wall Unit

Stephen LaPlante (Circle)

Stephen LaPlante, PT, ATC

Team Leader Orthopedic Practice at The Andrews Institute

As much as I would love to be able to manually address all of the soft tissue dysfunctions I see, it’s not very realistic in a high volume clinic.  The T-dot gives me the ability to still get in the soft tissue mobilizations that my patients require and the results are similar to my own manual techniques.


It’s actually the first thing my patients use before they get started with their treatment.


Once they figure out what areas to target, it’s very easy for them to use the T-Dot and when they realize how helpful it is, they actually request to use it.

T-Dot: Wall Unit


Self Soft Tissue And Pain Treatment Device

Wall  mounted, rail system allows for all sizes and all positions.  

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The T-Dot Mobility System is a new approach to improve range of motion, reduce tightness, and decrease pain throughout the body. Its unique design allows the user be in a functional position while incorporating movement with pressure applied to targeted areas. It also allows this to be done at any angle and to any body part. The user is no longer limited by leaning against a wall or lying on the ground. Also unique to the T-Dot is that it can be used in conjunction with banded resistance to enhance those type of exercises.

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