Shireen Mansoori

Shireen Mansoori, PT, DPT

Duke University Sports Medicine Fellow

"I have had success with using the SquatGuide with multiple Division I athletes. It is a great tool to use when progressing an athlete from isolated strength training to more functional movement patterns. The SquatGuide helps promote quality movement patterns that carry over to the field / court in order to help prevent injury and optimize performance."



Perfect Form, Every Time!

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The SquatGuide™ (Patent # 9,446,284) is a revolutionary fitness product that is designed to help develop and maintain perfect squat form. Appropriate for people of all ages and abilities, it’s like having a physical therapist or strength coach with you at all times.

If you’ve never performed squats for exercise before, perfect! The SquatGuide™ will aid in developing a perfect pattern to ensure you do this great movement safely.

If you are experienced in performing the squat, perfect! The SquatGuide™ will point out restrictions and compensations you need to address.

If you teach patients, clients or athletes how to squat and find yourself having to consistently cue them into good position, perfect! The SquatGuide™ can do this for you so you may focus your energy and time on teaching new skills as they continue to hone their squat independently.

* Pro Mini Bands are included (one pair).

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