The Best Mobility Tool You’ve Never Heard of: T-Dot Mobility System

T-Dot Mobility System:  The Most Versatile Mobility Tool on the Market

So what differentiates the T-Dot Mobility System from other mobility tools on the market? When examining the components of the T-Dot Mobility System, it separates itself from the competition in several unique ways:

  1. It allows you to perform mobility work while standing
  2. It allows you to perform mobility work at any Height
  3. It allows you to easily access hard to reach areas at any angle with any amount of force
  4. It allows you to add movement and/or resistance to your mobilizations 
  5. It allows you to use skilled techniques to maximize effectiveness

Perform Mobility Work while Standing

Most types of soft tissue mobility tools require you to pull out a mat and lie down on the floor to adequately place enough pressure through the tissue to provide appropriate input.  At times users may then need to contort their body into unique positions to reach a restricted area.  Some people (post-operative or elderly) may not be comfortable getting up and down from the floor and therefore tend not to do any mobility work at all. Also, let’s face it the gym or clinic floor is not the cleanest surface to lie on.  With the T-Dot, the user can adjust the system to their own height and can perform all of their mobilizations in a standing position. 

T-Dot Mobility - Standing

Perform Mobility Work at any Height

What about a lacrosse ball?  Can’t you just put a lacrosse ball on the wall and get the same results?  When trying to use other tools in standing, the user tends to place a higher priority on keeping the ball from slipping out of place than the exercise itself.  With using this method there isn’t enough space away from the wall to keep the body in good postural alignment.  The head has to be turned to the side, low back arched, and the list could go on.  With the T-Dot, the user is able to create enough space to focus on good posture, fixate the mobilizing head, and put their concentration on performing the mobilizations correctly. 

Easily Access Hard to Reach Areas at any Angle with any amount of Force

​​​​​​​The T-Dot has an articulating head that can be fixed at any angle.  This allows the user to reach areas like the upper trapezius, front of the hip, axilla and the lateral shoulder with ease.  No other mobility tool on the market does this.  There’s no need to wrench down with what looks like a shepherd’s staff or contort your body against a squat rack to reach your area of pain and restriction.  Simply stand comfortably under the T-Dot and apply the perfect amount of force for any duration of time.  You should not have to put other body parts at risk to perform a mobilization technique where you need it most.

T-Dot - Any Amount of Force

Add Movement and/or Resistance to your Mobilizations

Most other mobilization devices and mobility tools require you to hold in place the tool with your own hands, lean up against a wall or contort your body into an awkward position. Those 3 options for applying a mobilization technique do not allow you to then move your arms, legs or spine.  Adding movement allows the user to change the length of the tissue being mobilized. This enhances the effectiveness of the treatment and better prepares the tissue, joint, and region to then perform an exercise. The T-Dot not only creates enough space to add movement but the wall-mounted version also allows the user to attach resistance bands to an adjustable eyelet. This creates the opportunity to combine movement with common resistance band exercises at any height.

Using Skilled Techniques to Maximize Effectiveness

Performing mobility work in standing and with good posture opens up the door to practice purposeful mobility techniques.  Mobility work is often performed with the user mindlessly going through the motions.  With a proper setup, the T-Dot can utilize specific neurological techniques such as reciprocal inhibition, contract/relax, long sustained pressures while relaxing the body, and many others to help in maximizing effectiveness.  These would be techniques that are commonly provided by a manual therapist, and while the T-Dot doesn’t replace skilled hands it will allow the user to perform utilize similar techniques independently.

T-Dot - Skilled Techniques

These 5 areas help make the T-Dot Mobility System the most versatile mobility tool on the market!

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T-Dot Mobility: Any spot, any height, any angle, any amount of force, with or without movement, with or without resistance, all in a standing position.

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